Each year we employee a number of seasonal staff from September to May. Along with our seasonal employees we are looking for potential employees to fill a role on a permanent basis. Grass and planting season takes place from September to December with Maize harvest season from February to May. We also operate machinery throughout the winter for farm maintenance. Location of work is within the Waikato region, we are based in Gordonton just outside of Hamilton.

The role involves the operation of heavy machinery some in excess of 335HP.

3 years and more experience required in operation of machinery for all agricultural purposes in all or some of the below tasks:

  • Cultivation - ploughing, power harrow etc

  • Planting crops - roller drilling, drilling, maize planting

  • Being part of a grass or maize silage harvesting team - raking, carting, stacking etc

  • Digger Operation - race work, drains

  • Truck Driving - must hold the equivalent to NZ license

  • Spray Truck Operation - knowledge of chemicals and application is a must

  • Mechanical experience - daily maintenance of machinery, this experience would be an advantage

Applicants must be prepared to work extended hours during peak season

Applicants will be required to operate machinery at a high standard as our company prides itself on providing a quality service to all our clients.

If successful you will be rewarded with

  • Working in a great team environment

  • Hot evening meal provided when working extended hours during peak season

  • A competitive hourly rate for the right person with the right skill set

  • Accommodation provided on site for overseas employees

If you are applying for a position within our company we ask you to download and fill out our employment application form and send along with your CV or fill out the google forms version of the form linked to the left.

All applications from overseas MUST complete this form! You must either be a New Zealand resident or have a valid work permit to be employed in New Zealand.

If you are applying from within New Zealand you will be required to attend an interview. 

We look forward to hearing from you! jobs@grainandfood.co.nz

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One can become a professional driver / operator having learnt through many years of driving experience. They live, breathe and sleep their job. The Vehicle is checked before use daily. They have an in-depth mechanical and code functions knowledge of their gear. Their workbook is exact. Customer relations are exceptional. They can be set a job to do and know it will be done perfectly. The ultimate tell tale sign is that even though their vehicle maybe 5 or 10 years old it still looks like it was on delivery day, no dents, or scratches and the cab spotless. They have pride in all they do.
An employee / operator seldom found, and highly respected.
Reliable, they do the job and maintain their vehicle as expected and to a high standard. They have done the years learning the ropes and are valued employees, and seldom cause an issue. To this group of drivers it is a job they enjoy doing, some will progress to become the elite professional drivers, most will not reach that elusive standard.

Definition = they get in the cab to turn / steer the vehicle, which is generally their limitation, hence the term "steerer" But to be fair there are two types of Steerers:
First the learner steerer = new to the job, hopefully eager to learn from senior staff who should always be prepared to help learner steerer. They listen to advice, improve and then in years to come progress to become a driver. Initial minor damages and poor skills need to be tolerated to some degree.
The second type steerer = not that good with gear, or book work and clients, think they know it all, don't listen and believe they are drivers and are almost impossible to teach. Shown little respect by their workmates, employment is tolerated out of necessity.
Definition = A Muppet is a cross between a mannequin that is stiff and brain dead and a puppet which is controlled by strings.
Muppets often wear a vacant dumb facial expression. Muppets can never.....even be taught.....if in doubt......refer to definition above. They are dangerous to work around and are only employed out of absolute desperation. Yelling at Muppets has no affect as inside their brain the "wheel is actually going around but the hamster has truly been a long time dead"

Definition = there is none as the word says it all. Seldom employed for more than a few days!


So which type of driver do you rate yourself as now ?
But more to the point which type of driver do you aspire to be in the future ?